Nicola Hammerschmidt

Creating space for fun and games to connect the imparted knowledge with positive emotions and to ensure long lasting effects – an art that Nicola Hammerschmidt, with her cheerful disposition, has a perfect command of. Everything will be laid on the table, nothing will be kept unsaid! While working with individuals or teams, in management consultings or giving lectures, she always finds easy and uncomplicated solutions for complex challenges while engaging enthusiastically, passionate and with her heart. She knows from experience that little things matter and that mindful interaction on a daily basis makes a huge difference.

„Companies fail due to banalaties of daily life,
on little things that really matters for their employees“


  • 25 years experience as trainer, consultant and coach
  • Qualified in supporting companies, executives and employees of all hierarchical levels from all economic sectors
  • Viewing people, companies and systems interdisciplinary with the newest scientific findings from neurobiology, quantum physics, game theory, philosophy, psychology, and business administration connecting those with 25 years of business consultancy
  • Numerous coaching trainings: mediator, organisation constellation und systemic coaching, coaching for depression and burn-out, family constellation, hypnotherapist, aura-master, NLP, bioenergy, provocative therapy and improtheater
  • Senior lecturer for business and organisational psychology, organisation development, management by fun, digital management, leadership topics as well as customer psychology, service excellence and personal development
  • Links newest scientific findings with praxis and imparts targeted and simple
  • Pragmatic and direct in the implementation
  • GSA Professional Speaker

10 questions for Nicola

Your biggest challenge? My teenage son

What excites you? My work, spirituality, tennis, water sports, my participants and my friends.

What would you like to abolish? Bye-bye, Blablaland! – I’m a practisioner by conviction!

Your passion? Laughter!

Your place of longing? South of France … The seaside with long sandy beaches

What drives you? That we can change a lot with little adjustments. The world – uand the companies– could be better places if we would be more mindful and easy-going in daily life.

What title would you give your CV? My world voyage of discovery

Your recommendations for young professionals or start-ups? Be more confident and follow your dreams: Practising fun at what you do is always well received!

What is your favorite game? Improvisation games or -theater in companies … I love creative presentations of situations and content.

Uups … Only nine questions! Never mind.